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Interstate 85 Corridor Sewer Collections System and New WWTF

Client: Franklin County, Georgia
Status: Ongoing
Cost: $6.5 Million

General Description

Franklin County is planning to close two aging wastewater treatment plants and convey sewage to a new regional WWTF with advanced treatment. The project is being funded with SPLOST and a USDA Grant/Loan. The project scope includes two County pump stations, 6 miles of 6” force main, and a new 0.3 MGD WWTF expandable to 0.9 MGD.

Innovative Concepts

HMW evaluated multiple sewer alternatives and coordinated with participating municipalities for developing the regional sewer master plan. HMW also used rigorous technology selection protocols to select the main treatment process from among seven styles and manufacturers.


Matthew Broderick, P.E.
Project Manager

Wes Hulsey, P.G.
Program Manager

Elizabeth Lee, P.E.
Project Engineer

Marty White
Resident Project Representative