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Our Team

With offices in Metro-Greenville, Spartanburg, and Columbia, South Carolina, Hulsey McCormick & Wallace, Inc. is strategically positioned to serve a variety of public and private sector clients throughout the Carolinas, Georgia and beyond. Our team of Project Managers is comprised of highly qualified civil and environmental engineers, geologists, scientists and mapping specialists. This core group of professionals was handpicked not only for their experience, but for their ability to work as a highly efficient team. Together with a dedicated support staff, they are ready to combine their areas of expertise to assure that Hulsey McCormick & Wallace delivers the most innovative yet cost-minded solutions, all in a timely manner.


Wes Hulsey

President / Chief Executive Officer


Tom Vollmar

Vice President - Technical Services


David DePratter

Chief Operating Officer


Matthew Broderick

Division Coordinator / Senior Project Manager