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Wilkinson County (GA) Highway 57 MSW Landfill

Client: Wilkinson County, Georgia
Status: Started 2001; Ongoing
Cost: N/A

General Description

Since 2002, HMW has managed all engineering, environmental, and regulatory activities associated with post-closure care of the Highway 57 MSWLF. This includes landfill gas monitoring and control, groundwater assessment monitoring and reporting, stormwater management, sampling and reporting, monitoring well installation and documentation, and corrective action management.

Innovative Concepts

HMW's proposed remedy relies on institutional controls to eliminate potential exposure to groundwater, an active landfill gas/leachate extraction system as a source-control measure, and a monitored natural attenuation program for the dissolved-phase VOCs in groundwater. HMW has also completed a Comprehensive Landfill Gas Mitigation, Monitoring and Control Plan that included a revision to the existing Plan to increase the size of the monitoring well network, effectively reducing the projected size of the active Landfill Gas Control System. HMW conducts semi-annual and annual groundwater and corrective measures monitoring for the 11 compliance wells and 21 corrective measures wells installed at the facility using conventional bailing and low-flow pumping methods.