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Carnesville (GA) WWTF Disinfection System & Effluent Flow Monitoring/Sampling

Client: City of Carnesville, Georgia
Status: Completed: 2007
Cost: N/A

General Description

The City of Carnesville, Georgia owns and operates a 0.75 0MGD aerated lagoon wastewater treatment facility that was under enforcement action by Georgia EPD for effluent fecal coliform violations. The WWTF is subject to peak flow events associated with I/I in the sewer collection system that contribute to the exceedances.

Innovative Concepts

HMW evaluated alternatives for a remedy and recommended installing an ultraviolet disinfection system for the treated effluent from the finishing pond of the lagoon system. HMW prepared a Design Development Report for construction of a UV disinfection system and effluent flow monitoring and sampling station. Based on the DDR, approval to construct the system was obtained from Georgia EPD. The City constructed the system in accordance with HMW's design.