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Calhoun Falls (SC) WWTF Upgrade

Client: Town of Calhoun Falls, South Carolina
Status: Awarded 2002; Completed 2004
Cost: $3,000,000

General Description

The Town of Calhoun Falls owned and operated a WWTF that had consistently been out of compliance for 13 years, largely due to inflow and infiltration (I/I) in the Town's collection system. Following an evaluation of alternatives, a low-cost, high-performance upgrade was designed and constructed that significantly improved effluent quality, enabling the Town to meet stringent discharge limits while tripling the capacity of the plant.

Innovative Concepts

Tom Vollmar served as Head Design Engineer and developed a low-maintenance, cost-saving design in a footprint roughly one-third the size of the original plant. The WWTF can now handle rainfall-induced I/I without sanitary sewer overflows, and has significant excess capacity to accommodate anticipated growth.


Tom Vollmar, P.E.
Project Manager