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Calhoun Falls (SC) Sewer Collection System Improvements & Lagoon Closures

Client: Town of Calhoun Falls, South Carolina
Status: Awarded 2007; Ongoing
Cost: $1,000,000

General Description

The Town of Calhoun Falls operates 3 sewer pump stations that are frequently surcharged with excess wastewater associated with inflow/infiltration (I/I) in the sanitary sewer collection system during high rainfall events. HMW developed a Capacity, Management, Operation & Maintenance (CMOM) program, trained the public utilities personnel in collections system inspections, and has conducted I/I studies since 2007.

Innovative Concepts

HMW also prepared the Environmental Informational Document and Preliminary Engineering Report for collection system improvements to secure USDA-RUS funding. HMW provided the engineering design for 3 new pump stations to replace existing failing pump stations, and is managing all aspects of design, contract and bid administration, and construction review.