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Spartanburg Water - RB Simms Sludge Removal

Client: Spartanburg Water
Status: Ongoing
Cost: $5.5 Million

General Description

Spartanburg Water owns and operates a 64 MGD conventional surface water treatment plant. Sludge generated in the sedimentation basins is manually removed, thickened, and generally land applied when weather permits. HMW provided analysis of sludge generation quantities , removal methods, and efficiency of the existing spray land application system. HMW provided design for an improved sludge management system which included: sedimentation basins continuous sludge removal system and conversion of manual decanting/thickening to continuous overflow gravity thickening.

Innovative Concepts

The system is designed to optimize sprayfield use and limit other more costly methods of disposal (geotube dewatering to landfill, sludge drying beds to landfill).


Matthew Broderick, P.E.
Project Manager

Wes Hulsey, P.G.
Program Manager