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North Charleston Sewer District - Headworks Analysis

Client: North Charleston Sewer District
Status: Completed
Cost: $15,000

General Description

Hulsey McCormick & Wallace, Inc. (HMW) was engaged by the North Charleston Sewer District (NCSD) to perform a headworks analysis and to develop new local pretreatment limitations for the Felix C. Davis Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF). The WWTF receives and treats flow from 38 significant and/or categorical industrial users via 52 separate outfalls.

Innovative Concepts

In this evaluation, HMW, on behalf of the NCSD, was able to achieve the following results:

1. Obtained regulatory (SCDHEC) approval of the proposed local limitations.

2. Proposed a net reduction in the total number of pollutants that are regulated through a local limitation.

3. Raised certain pollutant local limitations where there was a demonstrated lower risk of biological process inhibition at the WWTF.

The overall result was to help streamline the administration of the Pretreatment Program by reducing the potential of inconsequential effluent violations leading to enforcement response.

Project contacts


Wes Hulsey, P.G.
Project Manager