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Owens Corning_VTX Sludge Handling Facility

Client: Owens Corning
Status: Awarded: 2009 / Completed 2011
Cost: $1.8 Million

General Description

HMW performed a sludge de-watering pilot test using Dirt-Bag® geotubes to de-water digested industrial wastewater sludge for a new sludge de-watering and transportation facility. HMW designed and constructed new sludge handling facility through a design-build delivery method to include roll-off pad, quick connect piping system, polymer injection system, digester upgrade and controls. Sludge is hauled in conventional 20-yd rolloffs to landfill.

Innovative Concepts

HMW negotiated with several MSW Landfills for disposal of de-watered sludge tubes and obtained a contract at $16/ton. The system replaced a land application system of wet sludge and cut sludge handling costs substantially.


Tom Vollmar, P.E.
Project Manager