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Public Utilities Energy Upgrades Design-Build Project

Client: City of Pickens, SC
Status: Awarded: 2014 / Completed: 2016
Cost: $5,000,000

General Description

City of Pickens had about $5 Million of unfunded planned projects in its Capital Improvement Plan for upgrades to a 60-year-old water treatment plant, a 20-year-old wastewater treatment plant, and manual-read water meters. HMW with Energy Systems Group identified approximately $250,000 year average positive cash flow due to energy/labor savings, capture of non-revenue water, and additional sources of revenue to fund project.

Innovative Concepts

HMW designed a PHI large bubble mixing system for the aeration basin and sludge digester. The system allowed the utility to permanently turn off 2 out of 3 blowers for aeration and mixing.


Tom Vollmar, P.E.
Project Manager