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White County (GA) Water Demand and Reservoir Yield Study & WTP Upgrade

Client: White County Water Authority --Georgia
Status: Awarded 2003; Completed 2005
Cost: $500,000

General Description

The White County Water Authority (WCWA) provides water service to the Cities of Cleveland and Helen, GA and the higher density population areas in the County. During the drought of 2001-2005, the WCWA became concerned about future water demand due to the rapid growth in adjacent counties served by the WCWA, a decrease in water levels in the reservoir, and diminished water quality associated with lower reservoir levels.

Innovative Concepts

HMW conducted a Water Demand Study and recommended alternatives for meeting or alleviating the demand through expansion or utilizing alternate sources and conducted a yield study of the Reservoir to determine the safe yield during an extreme drought. HMW also conducted an evaluation of the water treatment plant and performed the engineering design and project management of the upgrade to address operational difficulties and improve treatment efficiency to improve odor and taste.


Wes Hulsey, P.G.
Project Manager