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Hickory WTP Hypochlorite Replacement

Client: City of Hickory, NC
Status: In Construction
Cost: $1.4 Million

General Description

The City of Hickory, NC ownes and operates a conventional water treatment facility to provide potable drinking water to three counties.  The plant is currently rated to produce up to 32 million gallons per day.

In 2005, the City replaced the original chlorine gas disinfection system with a new On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generator.  The existing hypochlorite generator eventually reached the end of its useful life and required replacement.  The City retained HMW to evaluate options for replacing the existing system and to resolve issues with leaks, equipment access, and other general improvements to the disinfection room.   

The project was designed and bid in 2017 and has recently started construction.  The final design included the following components:

  • Two (2) - 800 Lb/Day Sodium Hypochlorite Generators
  • Two (2) duplex hypochlorite metering pump skids
  • Fused HDPE hypochlorite feed lines
  • Hydrogen dilution blowers
  • New chemical resistant floor coating
  • HVAC system replacement
  • Electrical / SCADA upgrades

Innovative Concepts

HMW utilized 3D laser scanning to create a 3D model of the existing facility.  HMW then utilized 3D design software to model the proposed equipment and piping improvements.  The 3D modeling assisted the HMW designers with laying out complex pipe routes and avoid convlicts with other equipment. 

 The HMW team also incorporated fused HDPE piping for the hypochlorite feed lines.  The existing PVC hypochlorite feed lines utilized glued or threaded joints which created maintenance issues for plant staff.  The minimal joints of the fused HDPE will help minimize potential for leaks in the future.


Tom Vollmar, P.E.
Project Manager

Matthew Broderick, P.E.
Assistant Project Manager